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 E-Cigarette Reviews – The Good, The Bad and The


By Connie Glutyk

I have done a e-cigarette reviews of The Best Electronic Cigarettes (read here) which are the same as E-Cigarettes now I will discuss my findings on the good, the bad and the ugly of them all.

If you’ve ever wanted a way to indulge in more quality cigarette pleasure, or want more intense flavor from your existing E-Cigarette, then please read the first paragraph below to discover if this e-cigarette reviews of four top brands might be the right solution for you.

Right off the start, let me say this this information may not be right for everyone. We all have different tastes, what I like you may not, just as I may not like what you like. We all have to give something a try to see if it is a fit for us alone. So I don’t want you to think this is a one-size-fits all type of e-cigarette reviews.

E-Cigarette Profile

Electronic Cigarette Profile

You will benefit from the information I am going to give you here if you want to know one of the following three items regarding E-Cigarettes.

The Good: You want… the best price for a e-cigarette starter kit, the cheapest cartridge refills, best flavor, best battery, longest battery life, coolest accessories.

The Bad:

You like… lots of vapor and a strong nicotine flavor not something weak with no or little vapor, or like your tobacco to taste like a brand of analogue you used to smoke, not something completely different, you want to know which ones don’t provide you with what you are looking for.

The Ugly:

You want… a real throat hit, not a mild hardly there hit, you want a strong tobacco taste not something weak, you want long battery life not something that quits on you after a few hours of use.

Here is what this is all about

Most establishments, restaurants, shops, stores, mother’s house, etc. won’t let you smoke in them anymore but you still crave that flavor and taste of tobacco, what’s a person to do? Standing outside by yourself is pretty lonely, but then, to boot it all, you come back into the establishment and everyone says your breath smells, your clothes smell, your hair stinks. Now you really feel uncomfortable. The game has changed you now have a choice an alternative to tobacco smoke, e-cigarette reviews will now go over the good, the bad and the ugly for you so as to help you with your choices to be able to have your cake and eat it too!

You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

Below you will see the latest products in the e-cigs industry today evaluated by a panel of experienced e-smokers. The products are numbered and ranked from top to bottom

V2 Cigs

The Good

  • The starter kit is perfect if you want everything to get started with at a really low price. = 10/10V2-Basic-E-Cig-Components
  • Best price for cartridges at $9.95 for 5 cartridges = 10/10
  • Has an excellent throat hit and realistic experience = 10/10
  • Coupons – 15% off =10/10
  • V2 Power Cig comes free with Ultimate Kit is great for using in font of computer as it plugs into your USB port so stays consistent with no battery life needed. 10/10
  • Refill options = 10/10
  • E-liquid – if you liked a box of Marlboro Menthol‘s then V2Cigs is for you with the closest thing to the real Marlboro Menthol tobacco flavor, clean and crisp flavor 10/10
  • E-Liquid V2 Red – a favorite, has a slight chocolate flavor with a tobacco hint available at: http://v2cigs.com = 10/10
  • Best Disposable = 10/10
  • Most vapor volume = 10/10
  • Cheapest to maintain due to refill liquid = 10/10
  • The manual battery is preferred and charger both get a = 9/10
  • Shipping – starter kits, next day delivery other products 5 days = 8/10
  • Cartomizers average out to the equivalent of one pack of analogs = 8/10

The Bad

  • Cartomizers – one of the Saharas burned out completely when only half way finished and some say this is a regular occurrence. But for the price not too devastating.

The Ugly

  • E-liquid SaharaTurkish Tobacco – supposed to have a flavor profile like a Camel tobacco brand but actually has a strong burnt taste.

Overall V2 Cigs is a winner and rated the top Electronic Cigarette on Alexa and many other e-cigarette reviews websites.

Green Smoke

The Good

  • One user calls it the vapor monster for the large amount of vapour = 10/10Green Smoke Kit
  • Good throat kick and nicotine satisfaction – 10/10
  • Good flavors favorites are Red Label and Absolute tobacco = 10/10
  • Top notch customer service = 10/10
  • Cartridges last a long time = 10/10
  • Battery life is good with 3 batteries included you never run out = 9/10
  • Cartridges last a long time = 9/10
  • USB e-cig is a great accessory = 9/10

The Bad

  • Batteries take 4 – 6 hours to recharge
  • Shipping is slow

The Ugly

  • A little pricey, but they have been around the longest in the USA and have perfected the two piece electronic cigarette and have a lower defect rate, never run out of stock, and have a no questions asked replacement for batteries and defective equipment policy.

Overall a great e-cig, some call them the Cadillac brand, you can’t go wrong if in doubt just have a look at all the customer reviews on their site. http://greensmoke.com

South Beach Smoke

The Good

  • A solid amount of vapor that is not overwhelming = 10/10Reusable Starter Kit
  • New Battery is more powerful and delivers = 10/10
  • Excellent throat hit = 10/10
  • Best thing is they use All American made e-liquids = 10/10
  • Accessories are best of all brands = 10/10
  • Simple to use with the USB or wall charger = 9/10
  • Good vapor an enjoyable experience = 9/10
  • Flavors are good and make from vegetable glycerin = 8/10

The Bad

  • Not the cheapest but has value

The Ugly

  • No totally ugly remarks

South Beach Smoke is a real contender in the e-cigarette market and working hard to make sure their products are the best on the market.


The Good

  • Aesthetics are the best, stylish, portable and comfortable to use = 10/10Halo-G6
  • Cheapest to maintain due to refill liquid = 10/10
  • “Flame guard” prevents you from burning the cartridge so no tastse of burning filter = 10/10
  • Mini manual battery charges in an hour and lasts longer than larger sized batteries = 9/10
  • The Halo Triton battery lasts for hours and has the coolest color = 9/10
  • Flavors are seemingly limitless in strengths allowing for a variety of experiences = 9/10
  • Starter kit is one of the best values for the technology = 9/10
  • Throat hit was satisfactory for a casual smoker some liked a stronger hit = 8/10

The Bad

  • The warranty on the Halo G6 is a little lacking on the batteries, cartomizers but customers service is top notch.

The Ugly

  • The only ugly was that the Halo e-cigarette product doesn’t match the form of a real cigarette, if that bothers you.

Overall the Halo G6 seems to be an excellent value in both technology, quality and price.

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